Hey! Welcome to my blog, SpiceGirlMiami.

Welcomeeeee! My name is Kali-Ray Skinner and I was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and this is my blog based in Miami. This blog is focused on al the lovely experiences, events, restaurants, and things I love about this city. Come, tag along! ❤

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Need a local Miami guide — but tired of reading other people’s mid-life crisis Yelp reviews? Look no further!

Tune into the Spice Girl Miami to hear all about hip places to vibe at, restaurants to eat at, thoughts & life experiences of 20-something peeps living in a hella materialistic but heavenly balanced city.

What My Mom Says

About Me

“Kali-Ray is destined for Greatness. Also, please, honey, don’t forget to bring back all the tuberware you borrowed next time you visit.”